Wellington, Florida Garage Door Repair

Wellington, Florida Garage Door Repair

You may have a simple builder’s grade garage door, or you may have installed a fancy customized system. Either way, your garage door required a considerable investment of time and money. It’s unfortunate, but many homeowners neglect their garage doors until something goes really wrong. Then a whole lot of that initial investment goes right down the drain.

How to Keep Your Garage Maintained

While we strongly recommend having any serious repairs done by a professional, there is a whole lot that you can do to keep your door running smoothly and efficiently. These are simple, basic tasks that anyone can do.

  • Check your tracks. Inspect them for any dents, crimps or damage. If any sections are damaged, call for replacement or repair.
  • Check positioning. Look at the position of each piece of the door. The tracks should align with the floor. If anything is misaligned, call for service.
  • Clean and lubricate. Use your vacuum cleaner or a small brush to clean any dirt or debris from the tracks. Then lubricate the tracks, rollers and pulleys for smoother movement.
  • Tighten and inspect. As you move along, tighten nuts, fasteners and bolts.

When to Call for Repair

As you do your inspection, you may find that some parts need to be repaired or replaced. When you do find that something is worn out or broken, call Garage Door Repairman for quick Wellington, Florida garage door repair. We’re on call 24/7, and we can provide efficient service whenever and wherever you need it.

We specialize in rapid response times, friendly service, and outstanding craftsmanship. We’ll get the job done right the first time around, and we’ll never waste your time with lengthy, drawn-out repairs. Give us a call today at 561-856-5081 and we’ll provide a free estimate on the work you need done.

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