Reliable Garage Door Repair in Jupiter, Florida

Reliable Garage Door Repair in Jupiter, Florida

All kinds of things can go wrong with a garage door when it’s not properly maintained. Springs can snap, cables can wear out, and even garage door openers can malfunction. There’s plenty that you as a homeowner can do to keep your garage door running smoothly; but when worse comes to worst, you need a dependable company on call for reliable garage door repair in Jupiter, Florida – and Garage Door Repairman is here to help!

Do What You Can

While garage door repairs and maintenance should always be handled by a pro, there are plenty of basics that you can handle at home. These few key tips can keep your door running well – and clue you in when something’s going wrong:

1. Check out your door. Sounds simple, and it is. Just familiarize yourself with the mechanism and learn how it all works. After all, there’s no way to know when something’s broken if you don’t understand how it should be working in the first place. Read your owner’s manual and have a look at each part as it operates.

2. Pay attention to positioning. Look at the springs when they’re newly installed. Check out the cables and rollers. Look at how the horizontal tracks are aligned. If something suddenly begins to look “off”, you’ll know to call for help.

3. Lubricate! It’s that simple. A lot of wear, tear, and rusting can be avoided with a little regular lubrication with a good silicone spray. Just make sure you’re using the right formula for garage door parts.

We’ll Do What You Can’t

Remember that any serious repairs should be handled by a professional repair service. Attempting repairs on your door can be dangerous. Whether your springs have snapped, your cables are fraying, or your opener is malfunctioning, give us a call and we’ll provide reliable garage door repair in Jupiter, Florida. Give us a call at 561-856-5081, and we’ll give you a totally free estimate on the job!

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