Garage Door Spring Repair in North Palm Beach, Florida

Garage Door Spring Repair in North Palm Beach, Florida

When garage door springs break, some homeowners turn to the internet for DIY fixes. If you’re considering doing your own spring replacement, WAIT! Changing garage door springs can be a tough and dangerous job – even when it’s done by a pro – so it’s always best to call for professional garage door spring repair in North Palm Beach.

Garage Door Springs are a Hazard

Torsion springs in particular are under an enormous amount of tension. The super heavy duty metal is wound very tight, and when the tension is suddenly released, the spring can cause serious harm to anyone in close proximity.

Garage Door Springs are Hard to Buy

Because of safety concerns, many spring manufacturers will only sell to professionals. In addition, it can be tricky to find the right spring to match your door’s weight and structure. If you’re trying to DIY, you might run into this unnecessary frustration of not being able to get the right parts for your door.

Garage Doors are Heavy

Remember also that your door is very heavy. Most garage doors weigh between 300 and 500 pounds. Combined with other danger factors (like taut cables), your door can cause serious harm if you’re not careful. If you aren’t strong enough to lift your door by yourself without the springs in place, you could easily end up injured.

Garage Door Repair Takes Time

Finally, garage door repair can be a time-consuming job. Even if you have the skills to get the job done, there are probably many more productive things you can do with your time (that wouldn’t put you in such great danger).

Avoid the Risks – Call in the Pros!

You may be pretty handy with DIY projects, but garage door spring repair is almost always best left to professionals. Save yourself the time and frustration and protect your home and yourself by calling for help.

We’ve earned a solid reputation for being fast, reliable, and affordable, so let Garage Door Repairman take care of your garage door needs. If you need rapid, reliable garage door spring repair in North Palm Beach, call us at 561-856-5081, and we’ll be right over to help you out!

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