Garage Door Spring Repair in Loxahatchee, Florida

Garage Door Spring Repair in Loxahatchee, Florida

When a garage door spring breaks, you may find yourself in an unexpected predicament. Springs tend to break when the garage door is closed, so often you won’t know anything’s broken until you try to open the door again. Often, folks are on their way out the door, and find that they can’t get the car out of the garage. If you’ve found yourself in a similar bind, give us a call for emergency garage door spring repair in Loxahatchee, Florida.

Which Springs Need Repair?

While you wait for our team to arrive, take a little time to check out the construction of your garage door. You’ll notice that there are a number of springs on the mechanism. It’s possible that both are broken, but in many cases, only one will have snapped.

Whether one or both springs have snapped, we usually recommend replacing both at once. Why? Because both were very likely installed at the same time – meaning that their lifestyle is approximately the same. If only one is replaced, the other will likely break just a few weeks down the line. Replacing both at once saves both time and money.

There are some exceptions to this rule, of course. If your springs are different weights, one may have a longer life cycle than the other, and thus, it wouldn’t necessarily need to be replaced. In most cases though, it’s still a good idea to replace both so that they are the same gauge and on the same life-cycle. This will ensure that the door is lifted with proper balance, which will help to maintain the integrity of the opener.

When Should I Call for Repair?

While we encourage folks to do regular maintenance on their garage doors, spring repair is something best left to professionals. The job isn’t a complex one, but it is fairly dangerous due to the weight of the door and the high level of tension in the springs.

Keep yourself and your family safe by calling in Garage Door Repairman for garage door spring repair in Loxahatchee. Call us at 561-856-5081, and we’ll be there right away to replace your broken springs.

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