Garage Door Opener Repair in Jupiter, Florida

Garage Door Opener Repair in Jupiter, Florida

Did you know that many garage door openers are built to stop working if something is wrong? While a malfunctioning opener can be truly frustrating, this built-in feature helps to keep you and your family safe. Of course, it can also make problems solving a little harder. Fortunately, we’ve found that most garage door opener problem can be solved with simple adjustments or repairs.

Before you buy a whole new unit, give us a call for garage door opener repair in Jupiter! We specialize in repair and adjustments, and in many cases, we’ll be able to get your opener up and running again quickly. Here are some common opener problems that we fix:

The Door Won’t Close

If your door opens but won’t close, first make sure that nothing is obstructing the LED system. If it’s all clear, we may need to check the wiring on the close limit switch, adjust the close force setting, or realign the LED system.

If the door starts to close but suddenly goes into reverse, there may be a similar set of problems. The LED system probably needs to be aligned, or the force settings might need to be adjusted.

The Door Won’t Open

If your door closes but won’t open, we may need to adjust the open force settings or fix wiring on the open limit switch. We’ll also check the springs and tracks to make sure that they’re not causing (or adding to) the problem.

If your door starts to open and then stops, there may be a mechanical problem. In this case, we’ll do a point-by-point inspection to figure out if a rusty spring or a bent track could be contributing to the problem.

The Wall Control Panel Doesn’t Work

This is typically caused by a simple electrical problem. In this case, we’ll check the electrical wiring and fix any short circuits or wire damage.

Call for Rapid-Response Service!

Whatever opener problem you’re dealing with, we’ll find a solution. Call Garage Door Repairman in Jupiter, Florida today at 561-856-5081. We’ll be there right away to provide professional garage door opener repair in Jupiter!

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