Garage Door Opener Repair in Greenacres, Florida

Garage Door Opener Repair in Greenacres, Florida

When your garage door opener suddenly quits on you, many repair companies will tell you that you need a whole new opener. In many cases though, all you really need is a simple repair. At Garage Door Repairman, our policy is to provide a cost-effective solution to garage door problems; so before you spend lots of money on a brand new opener, give us a call for garage door opener repair in Greenacres!

What Can be Fixed?

Before shelling out for a brand new opener, home and business owners should be aware that many problems with openers are completely fixable. From basic minor adjustments to major gear problems, we handle any garage door opener problem you might face, including:

  • Carriage assembly problems
  • Dead or dying batteries
  • Safety sensors and photo cells
  • Gear kit assembly problems
  • Sensitivity adjustments
  • Up and down limit problems

Schedule Yearly Inspections

While we can and will fix most garage door opener problems, the best way to keep your opener running well is with a little regular maintenance. You may not realize it, but your garage door is the largest appliance in your home, and the opener is the force that keeps it operating. All the little mechanical elements and moving parts in the opener are subjected to lots of wear and tear each day, and a lack of proper maintenance will cause those parts to wear out quickly.

Because of this, we highly recommend scheduling a yearly tune-up and inspection of your garage door and opener. We’ll make sure all parts are in good condition and properly balanced so that nothing wears out or breaks down prematurely.

Call for Emergency Repair in Greenacres, Florida

Whether you’re ready for your yearly inspection or you’re stuck with a door that won’t budge, trust Garage Door Repairman in Greenacres to get the job done right. We’re on call 24/7, and our team of techs is ready to handle any garage door emergencies you might face. Give us a call at 561-856-5081, and we’ll have a team at your door right away!

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