Overhead Garage Door Spring Repair

As a homeowner, you need to seek overhead garage door spring repair services every now and then. Every time the overhead garage door is closed or opened, stress is expressed on the springs. Due to continued stress, the springs could end up weakening or even breaking. The steel springs fatigue with every flexure. Eventually, the springs may end up cracking and then breaking. This is the reason why constant repairs are necessary.

Whenever your garage door springs become faulty, it is advisable to seek professional repair services. Seeking overhead garage door spring repair services will save you from the risks that come with personally repairing the springs. The task of repairing garage door springs is risky compared to other repair tasks like repairing your car or other appliances. Intricate repair procedures are involved and it is therefore imperative to leave the repair task to professionals. The professional garage door spring repair experts are knowledgeable, skilled and experienced. You will have your door springs effectively repaired within a short span of time.

Before commencing on the overhead garage door spring repair, the right measurements have to be taken. Garage door springs are available in a wide range of sizes. In order to get the right replacements, the repair technicians have to measure the old springs. Some of the spring measurements that have to be taken include; the wire thickness and the inside diameter of the spring. You also have to take note of other factors such as the overall length of the relaxed spring as well as the winding of the spring. Armed with this information, the repair experts can obtain the right springs replacements for your overhead garage door.

Most overhead garage doors have two springs. If one of the two springs breaks down, it is advisable to have both springs replaced instead of dealing with the faulty spring only. If you replace one spring only, you will have one old spring and a new one. This has some consequences, for instance, a lot of stress will be exerted on the new spring that will be tighter than the existing one. The garage door could also end up losing balance. In addition, chances are that the old spring will break soon making you seek overhead garage door spring repair services yet again.

The lifespan of garage door springs is measured in terms of cycles. For example, a spring could have around 20000 cycles. The cycles represent the number of times you can open your door before needing to replace the springs.

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