California Garage Door Repair

California is the most populous state in the U.S. with a 2011 estimated population of 37,691,912. Given the high population and the fact that this is the most prosperous state in the U.S., it follows that there are many homes with garages. You could do many garage door repairs yourself such as cleaning the rollers, the tracks, or the hardware when the door sticks and replacing batteries when the door refuses to open or close, but you should leave torsion springs to professionals. There are several reasons for this.

You should hire a garage door repair service whenever there is a problem with torsion springs because these springs are extremely dangerous. They coil fully to open the door and stretch out straight when the doors are straight. The springs are dangerous in both positions since they are always under tension (compression and expansion respectively). The springs are made of metal and any dislodging could therefore be fatal. A garage door repair service will know how to repair or replace the spring safely (this is done by first unwinding the spring). Many people have lost limbs, fingers, and their lives trying to replace these springs.

The tension sometimes makes the spring break, especially if the unwinding bar used is of the incorrect size. This often leads to the whipping around of the spring. There is also a risk of the cone slipping or exploding as a result of the tension. This leads to the flying of bits off the spring.

Hiring a professional for the repair or replacement is advantageous because these springs are very heavy. A garage door repair service will have the necessary tools and equipment to lift them for repairs or replacement. Hiring a professional for the task is also advantageous in that you get to save money. This is because you do not have to buy the specialized tools and equipment for unwinding (such as vise grips and winding bars) and other tasks needed for the job.

Professionals also carry other equipment needed to do the job well. These include firm ladders, socket wrenches, rags, rulers, and adjustable wrenches. Another advantage of hiring a garage door repair service for the job is that a good company will carry insurance. This ensures that you are not held liable in case of injury or damage. The process takes time and is tiring and it can interfere with your job/business, but this is a non-issue with a good garage door repair service because you do not even need to supervise the job.

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